SINOPM makes Bottle Preform Molds with strict quality control and high precision


Plastic bottles are wildly used for drinking package field; most of the plastic bottles are made by bottle preforms. Especially in summer, drinking’s have very large beverage sales, so bottle preform mold is popular with the development of the drinking field and customers requirements.

For bottle preform mold, there are 28mm PCO bottle preform mold, 38mm PCO bottle preform mold, 48mm PCO bottle preform molds, CSD standard, wide mouth preform molds, jar preform molds, etc. Bottle preforms like 28PCO, 3025, 1881 standard, their PET preform wall thickness should not over 4mm, and the distance between bottle preform neck and the bottle body should leave out at least 3-5mm.

For bottle preform mold, according to our experience, Stainless steel can ensure a long life time for mold, normally for cavity and core we will use S136 from Stavax, the hardness can reach HRC45-52; DIN1.2316; S420, etc., and for mold base, DIN1.2311 according to DME standard.

What is a good bottle preform mold? We can judge it from its injection system, cooling system, guiding system, ejection system, etc. Our company Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd has experienced designers can help you design the mold according these 4 systems above, technical engineers manufacture your bottle preform mold with strict quality control and high precision.

We equipped with 12 sets high speed CNC machine which the tolerance can reach 0.05mm; 1 CNC milling center, the milling stroke is 6000*3000*2000mm, can help you machining multi-cavity bottle preform mold such as 36-cavity, 48-cavity, 96-cavity, 120-cavity, etc. 2 Sodick EDM machines, SODICK precision wire cutting machine, deep hole drilling machine, 320 tons mold pressing machine… can realize high precision for your bottle preform mold.

Cavity and core are interchangeable for bottle preform mold, it can help you to share the same mold base, mold components, but different cavities and cores to saving investment and realize different bottle preform sizes.

Buy bottle preform mold from China, work with us, Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd is your best choice in China. We have helped our customers to set up many bottle molding lines in Brazil, in Algeria, Pakistan, Iran, Guinea, etc. Welcome your kindly enquiry and down visiting to our company!

If you want to know more information regarding the mold company, then you can refer through the company Blog website


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