Flip Top Cap Mold yet another Form

Caps are colorful designer and of various pattern. The variety is an eye catcher. This is an age of cosmetics. So many kinds of cosmetics are flooding market. So many brands, variety of products are really so puzzling. Cosmetics are the products that generally come with flip top caps because of the type of it. … Continue reading

Pet perform mold- an insight into it

To begin with let us first discuss quickly as in what is mould? A mould is a hollow material or a pattern into which a liquid like either plastic, glass, metal or other ceramic raw materials are poured and given a concrete form. Now the question comes what is perform molding and where is this … Continue reading

Chinese preform mould another alternative

In today’s world where packaging has a different importance or to put it in a better way is of most importance. The packaging is the ultimate thing in marketing. The marketing of any good depends on how well the packaging has been done. A thing well packed finds impressive customer base and there are times … Continue reading